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Team engagement and
customer experience pulse
with deep, actionable insights
and behavioral metrics.

Here's to innovative managers,

daily pioneers and visionaries

who dare to be different.

We live in the

Experience Economy.

Today Customer Experience (CX)

and Team Engagement (TX) are about

sentiments and work-life balance.

Real-time engagement

to capture the happiness pulse

is essential.

What is the common thread?


Welcome to Happometer.

 No nonsense analytics for
real-time commentary! 
  —Harvard Club
 To sort out any issues
before guests leave. 
  —Miramar Hotel
(scroll ↓ fingers)

feedback is vital to business

Our Formula for Amazing CX
= Happy
In Real-Time
  • Instant feedback on-the-spot
  • Instant notifications to managers
  • Repeat-business | Quick recovery
  • Integration with social-media
  • Real-time analytics of CX
  • Attractive forms | Skip-logic
  • Mailing Lists made easy
Team Engagement
Colored scores, per department or location,
just won’t cut it...
They're not here for the free food or coffee!
Happometer's Pulse360
  • Immersive Pulse | Deep insights into dozens of workplace behavioral dynamics.
  • Immersive Sentiment | Artificial Intelligence for keyword heat-mapping and verbal trends, based on thousands of valuable open-ended comments.
  • The Executive Board | Your executive colleagues connect the human to the business element.
  • Your Strong Case | Metrics and tangible ROI to influence policy in board meetings.